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I specialize in creating one of a kind, custom painted furniture and home decor.  I source quality, solid wood pieces, use high end products, professional spray equipment and a LOT of hard work to give you a long-lasting beautiful finish. 

Below are some of my most frequently asked questions. If you are look for anything specific that I haven't mentioned here just send me a message and Ill bar happy to answer it for you to the best of my abilitity.

Do you buy furniture?


Yes!  I buy all types of things.  As a general rule, I prefer to buy solid wood furniture and pieces in good condition.  I will always pass on furniture found at a "big box" retail outlet, but if you have a unique item that maybe looks a little dated, that's right up my alley.  We love taking older items and giving them a new life.   


Info we need from you first:

1. Detailed pictures of the item with dimensions.

2. Description of the condition and any issues that need attention (minor scratches are common).

3. How much you would like for each item.

4. Your approximate location and if you would need pick up or will be delivering to me directly.


You can either text 603-818-1969 or email


*Disclaimer...purchase quotes can change after the item has been evaluated in person.  The offer is not binding until money has changed hands. 

Can you do custom work on a piece of furniture I already own?


Yes!  Many of you have started off a conversation by saying something like this, "I inherited a dresser and it's a solid piece of furniture, but it needs some love." This is where we can help!  Skye By Design Studios offers you the ability to customize your existing furniture into something that fits your own personal style and home decor! 


I offer pick up and delivery of items for a reasonable fee if you are unable to deliver the pice directly to my studios.  The typical turn around time for my work is around 4-6 weeks. Depending on the size and specifics of a piece this timeline can vary, but my average is around 4 weeks for completion. 

Check out the furniture gallery to get ideas from designs I have already created. If you already know the color and materials that you are thinking for the project, let me know. If you have absolutely no idea what color you want, that is ok too:). I am very patient and helpful when it comes to helping clients choose colors and materials. I can can make recommendations for you based on your style and taste. 

What we need from you to provide a custom quote:

1. Detailed pictures of the item with dimensions

2. A brief description of what you would like done 

3. Any inspirational images you may have found online such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc. 

4. Images of the other furniture in the room so I can work with you decor and color match if needed


You can either text  603-818-1969 or email

*Disclaimer...although rare, quotes can change after evaluating the furniture in person before work starts on your project.



STEP 1 - Contact me

If you see a piece in my inventory or shop that you have questions about or would like to order, contact me via email, phone or text and be sure to include the item name for reference. I am happy to send additional information or a video if needed.

STEP 2 - Project ordering

Once we confirm a design plan, I will send you a quote to agree to before starting/scheduling the project. I require a 50% down payment to start a project. I will send an invoice at the end that will need to be paid in full before shipping or pickup. You may pay the final balance at pick up if you are picking up your piece in person at Skye By Design Studios. If you require shipping then this will be a separate cost also due when the project is completed.


STEP 3 - Completing the design

After you decide that you are ready to move forward it usually takes me about 3-4 weeks to complete a piece and have it cured enough to ship. If I am shipping there will be an additional 1-4 weeks. 


STEP 4 - Shipping & Delivery (*if needed)

Long distance shipping is available anywhere in the US and will be an additional fee paid by you the buyer. Shipping fees will vary depending on weight, timing and distance for shipping. 


Shipping fees are not included in the price of the furniture or mirror items in my shop. I can provide you with a shipping quote if you send me your address before ordering.  I use both single independent shippers and a White Glove delivery service for shipping most of my large items. *Note independent shippers may need help unloading the piece to your main floor.  

Skye By Design Studios direct local delivery service is also available for an additional fee based on milage to most locations in New England. Skye By Design Studios is based out of Brooklyn, CT in The north east corner of the state.

Skye by Design Studios currently only offers domestic shipping in the US only.


I work very hard on all of my pieces but please keep in mind that most pieces are older/vintage furniture and they may have little quirks and imperfections that are common with vintage pieces. 



  • I do not tighten hardware until the piece is ready to leave my shop to make sure the paint it cured. If the hardware becomes loose in transit you can use a screwdriver to tighten up the screw on the inside

  • I work hard on making sure the doors open and close well but because old furniture can be finicky, doors may become tight after moving to your home. It may need to be leveled and a simple trick to fix this is to add a little lift/felt pad to one of the feet. It helps to have an assistance to help find which corner/foot needs to be adjusted. 

  • I always do a sniff test and avoid super smelly pieces but the fact its, some people are more sensitive to old smells than others. I do clean the surfaces and drawers before and after working on a piece, but I avoid adding perfumes in case someone may be sensitive to that particular smell. If you find that a piece smells musty you can add a few dryer sheets, add scented drawer liners, wipe with vinegar and water or spray with favorite essential oil and water mixture. 

  • Even if the peice came from Ea reputable furniture manufacturer,  it mostly likely will get a ding or scratch at some point during it's life. I provide a small container of paint for you to touch up small spots as needed. As my products are handprinted and sprayed, I recommend using a tiny artist brush to blend a small area. Try to avoid spreading the touchup paint out too much beyond the spot that needs to be covered. 

  • I highly recommend a custom piece of glass for the tops of all my pieces, but especially pieces that will be getting a lot of use such as nightstands and desks. This small investment will help protect the top from water, scratches and wear.

  • I use water based paint products on most of my pieces. Although they are sealed and coated, it is not indestructible and certain chemicals or extreme temperatures may harm the finish.


  • Use soft, lint free cloth for dusting.

  • Avoid all contact with furniture polishes, solvent-based sprays, and cleaners or abrasive products or tools.These chemicals will shorten the life of your furniture.

  • Clean up spills immediately with a damp lint free cloth and avoid excessive water.

  • A moderate climate is best - avoid extreme heat or extreme cold, as well as excessive moisture or dryness.


  • With some tender love and care your hand painted furniture will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!


The backs of my vintage/antique pieces are generally left raw and unfinished. I do not paint them unless requested  If it is a piece that already has a finished back then I may paint it to match the new look I created. 


II generally paint the drawer sides and insides of doors but I may also decide to leave them in the original finish depending on each piece and the condition of the wood. There may be small stains or imperfections inside the drawers & doors, but rest assured I thoughly clean all my furniture pieces before and after working on them. If you would rather have the drawers lined or inside of the doors painted, please let me know and I can factor that into my quote. *There is an additional charge for this service.

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