Pricing Guide

Most custom furniture painting projects take 2-6 weeks depending on the size, design and our current schedule.

*Price estimates below are based on average designs and pieces that are in good working condition. Price varies depending on turnaround time, paint finish, paint color and size. Email us for an estimate

  • Dresser $350-$650

  • Side tables – $150-$350

  • Mirrors – $100-$350

  • Desks – $325-$525

  • Bed Frames $400-$600

  • Buffets $350-$650

  • Chairs $125- $225 each

  • Dining Tables – $500-$1000

  • China Hutch – $450-$750

  • Wardrobe -$450-$850

  • Kitchen Cabinets – TBD please send pictures for estimates

Once a price quote has been provided and agreed upon,  a 50% deposit is required to be paid before I will schedule your project. No work on any custom made item will start prior to receiving a deposit. 


*Since each item is custom and hand painted it may have natural imperfections due to the handmade process